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Pinn Africa Insurance

Consist of Car and Life Insurance Packages


Why Insurance is so important:


Car Insurance:

Theft and hijackings are a reality in South Africa. If you own a vehicle, you are at risk. No vehicle should be purchased without a comprehensive insurance policy in place!

It protects you and your family against unplanned events and gives you that peace of mind.


Life Insurance:

Unsuring you and your family don't need to carry any financial burdens during the difficult circumstances of death, permanent disability or terminal illness.


Different packages that Pinn Africa has to offer:

Top up Cover

1.Pinn Africa Top Up Cover

2.Pinn Africa Deposit Protector


Credit Life Insurance    

1.Pinn Africa Platinum

2.Pinn Africa Gold

3.Pinn Africa Silver


Contact our Finance & Insurance Manager

for more information or a hassle free quotation:

New Vehicle Department:  
Tel: 015 307 3740
Fax: 015 307 3310
Email: fordfin@absamail.co.za  
Pre-owned Vehicle Department:  
Tel: 012 404 0064  
Fax: 015 307 3310
Email: fordfin@absamail.co.za  




*Terms and conditions apply. Pinn Africa Insurance Limited is a licensed Financial Services Provider and a member of the Lombard Insurance Group - FSP 39123


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